Retaining Walls Installation in Toronto: Turning Your Design Ideas into Reality

Generally, retaining walls are freestanding structures, which help to hold and resist the lateral pressure of soil and different kinds of aggregates. If there is a drastic change in levels, probably you will need a retaining wall to separate your living space with a boundary and protect it from landslides or rockslides.

There are several types of material that can be used in retaining wall construction. The most common are: timber wood, concrete blocks, and armour stones. This kind of work must be performed under professional supervision in compliance with Ontario regulation acts and building codes, as with any type of structural engineering.

Contact Oaks Home Services, your local top rated landscape contractor, who will help you to design and build solid retaining wall.

Solid and Beautiful Stone Retaining Wall: Creative Design with Professional Team

Retaining walls fulfill different aesthetic purposes in landscape design; they also prevent erosion, hold back earth, and stabilize slope yards. For some outdoor spaces, it’s one of the most important landscape elements. Our professional team will design and build a stone retaining wall, which will add beauty and functionality to your garden.

Retaining walls also help create decorative flower beds, separate functional zones, and add uniquely designed terraces in your backyard.

Oaks Home Services specializes in landscaping and turning dream designs into reality. We build sturdy and beautiful landscape retaining walls that always meet our clients’ needs, including:

  • functional support to keep aggregates in place;
  • simplicity of solving age-old problems – in some cases there is no need for natural landscape element removal if we can construct a separating wall;
  • increased home value due to a dramatic improvement in the look of property.

The most common materials we use to build strong and durable landscape constructions are:

  • concrete blocks;
  • armour stone;
  • concrete mixtures;
  • timber wood, etc.

Our team is committed to providing a wide range of landscape services in Toronto, Ontario and the GTA: we are ready to create a perfect retaining wall design taking the house exterior, the look of the yard, and even the type of soil into consideration.

The Process of Building a Retaining Wall, and How to Do It Right?

Turning retaining wall ideas into results is an involved process. First, we prepare a solid base, which is the most important step in the retaining wall installation process. After, we build the retaining wall itself. Even if it’s an armour stone retaining wall with big gaps in between stones, it’s important to add crushed stone beside the wall. This will help to provide proper drainage.

Of course, there are much more important things to keep in mind during construction, including reinforcement grid directing pressure downwards, rather than against the blocks or timber. Thanks to many years of experience in landscaping, we know exactly how to build the best retaining walls and Oaks Home Services is the best company in Greater Toronto Area to entrust with this task!

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