Outdoor Space Enhancement Project

Our client approached us for a comprehensive outdoor improvement project covering their driveway, a new retaining structure, and improved drainage.

We collaborated on designing and implementing a durable driveway surface, constructing a functional retaining wall, and enhancing the property’s drainage system. The client selected a visually appealing driveway design that seamlessly integrated with a new porch area.

Project Highlights:

Asphalt Removal

Base preparation for new driveway

Driveway interlocking installation

Raised Patio

Walkway installation

Retaining Wall installation

Drainage Installation

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Oaks Left/Right + Project Gallery JF

Image Gallery From This Driveway Interlocking Project

Please view our project gallery below to see all of our photos from this new interlock driveway, retaining wall, and drainage we designed and installed for our client.

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