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Oaks Home Services offers affordable solutions in decorating your outdoor space with flagstone. The luxurious look, rich colors and texture make this natural material a top option for home owners across Ontario, where the choice of exterior decorating materials is dictated by summer humidity and low winter temperatures. Our expertly designer advice and years of experience in landscape construction guarantee that the territory around your home will acquire this sleek air that makes neighbors and guests gasp with admiration. No need to compromise on durability though – flagstone toughness is a warranty of a lasting solution. Choose an instant makeover for your outdoor space and forget about cracked asphalt, wheels caught in potholes and general untidiness around the place you live in!

Landscaping With Natural Stone in Toronto ‒ Oaks Home Services

Natural stone makes it possible to create harmony between natural and artificial materials and is considered to be the soul of any outdoor design. No wonder it is in great demand. Natural stone is used for paving paths, decorating pools, fountains, barbeque areas, fencing, alpine slides, etc.

There are various types of natural stone. The most popular ones are:

  • sandstone;
  • limestone;
  • granite;
  • quartz.

They are very different from each other as far as their structure, texture and composition are concerned. These factors determine their wearability and resistance to frost, water and other environmental conditions. Limestone, for instance, will be a pleasure to the eye for at least a quarter of a century. Limestone uses are numerous as it is not only durable and attractive but also less expensive. The most long-lived materials are quartz and granite flagstones.

Flagstone prices vary depending, first of all, on the base material, i.e. the type of stone, thickness, shape, grade and color. The total cost of your project, let us take a natural stone patio, will also depend on its location and size. In any case, we are able to offer something that will meet your budget needs.

The Advantages of Natural Stone Vs. Concrete Pavers

When it comes to choosing materials for stone installation, people often wonder what the difference between natural stone and concrete pavers is. The benefits of natural stone include:

  • durability;
  • ecological compatibility;
  • a great variety of colors and textures;
  • resistance to moisture absorption;
  • slip resistance;
  • fade resistance;
  • compatibility with all types of materials.

When you finally set your choice on natural stone, you are to decide which type you would prefer. Different things should be taken into consideration, and it is better to entrust this task to experienced professionals. If you reside not far from Toronto, granite, limestone or any other natural stone landscape solutions are available for you at Oaks Home Services. We use natural stone pavers, natural stone tiles and all the other necessary materials produced by the best manufacturers. So your flagstone patio, a fountain in granite design or just natural stone steps in front of your home or in the garden are sure to please with their noble texture and color for many years.

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