Design and Installation of Swimming Pools in Toronto

A house with a private swimming pool is what makes a difference between a home and an ultimately luxurious dwelling. Quite counter-intuitively, building a swimming pool in your backyard is not as prohibiting in price as most would think. Oaks Home Services, the leading contractor for inexpensive swimming pools in Ontario, lends high-quality expertise at low cost. We are hard-wired to build swimming pools from scratch, or introduce meaningful touch-ups for your existing pool environment. Let us attend to your every need related to poolscape projecting, building, constructing and renovating – and you will see that Oaks Home Services is a landscape contractor that is second to none in terms of elegant, practical and inexpensive solutions for your backyard living. Breathe life into your poolside refuge before the party season kicks in!

Beautiful and High Quality Fiberglass Pool for Your Backyard in Richmond Hill and Caledon

Oaks Home Services offer professional design and construction of fiberglass outdoor swimming pools of any size and shape. Their key advantages are easy installation and low maintenance. Additionally, our professional team can cover surrounding pool areas with interlock, stamped concrete or flagstone. We do care about your safety that is why we apply only tested innovative technologies both for adults and kids swimming pools.

How do we usually arrange surrounding pool territory?

We will make swimming in your outdoor pool even more enjoyable! Applying various products as a paving material, we guarantee the high quality of the surface. It is characterized with decorative value, durability, and resistance to damages. Regardless of high humidity conditions and frequent contact with water, the surfaces will never be rusted. They will withstand almost any weather environment.

There are two distinguishable areas around a swimming pool, which we arrange applying certain materials:

  • Copings – among the pool edging materials there are limestone, granite, quartzite, and others. We make a decorative accent enhancing the appearance of the place and provide safe walking around pool.
  • Surrounding area – the most common materials for this zone are: stamped concrete, pavers or natural stone. In order to make the paths and leisure area bright and vivid, various colors and sizes of materials can be applied.

We offer out-of-the-box ideas suiting your swimming pool in Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, and other cities of Ontario, allowing to create a smooth look of this area on your backyard.

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