Durable and Safe Outdoor Kitchen in Toronto Provided by Oaks Home Services

If you feel that your indoor kitchen is definitely lacking of space and not able to fill your everyday and festive needs, then probably you should expand it and build an outdoor bbq kitchen. Oaks Home Services is ready to create a unique design of this particular adding to a house with all necessary functions and a lot of storage space. We are ready to implement the project so that you could get a spacious room and opportunity to feel more adventurous during cooking surrounded by nature. Please contact one of our specialists for a free estimate.

Stylish Electric & Gas Fireplaces in Toronto with Quality and Safety Assurance

Nowadays the modern fireplace is not only about heating space. An open flame creates a remarkable emotional atmosphere and adds a distinctive touch of architectural sophistication. It provides other benefits including increase in overall value of the real estate. Oaks Home Services team will help you to design stunning and secure outdoor stone fireplace, which can be installed by our specialists in Toronto and surrounding areas.

Outdoor Kitchen Installation in Toronto: Contemporary and Thoughtful Design for Having Good Time

From the functional point of view, in outdoor kitchen you are expected to cook, have dinner and keep space clean for the future use. In view of this, it must be equipped with a stove, grill, sink with water supply, some storage system, and table with chairs. Plenty of space, if you have it, is one of the advantages here, so you can incorporate all necessary equipment and furniture. Still the layout depends on the available area and functionality. If you are going to create professional premises, you have to introduce four functional zones: hot (cooking appliances), cold (fridge), wet (sink, bartending station), and dry (meal preparation). Do not forget about a dinner table, lightening and ensure that you can provide access to gas, electricity and water.

Why us?

For those, who want to have an outstanding outdoor kitchen in Toronto, we suggest:

  • plenty of unique ideas;
  • experienced and well educated staff;
  • competitive pricing;
  • timely implementation of the project within budget.

We consider all the important aspects in order to build a safe, beautiful, functional and convenient outdoor kitchen protected from external effects. It will be a perfect place for having a barbecue and family gathering! Contact Oaks Home Services today, we will suggest various outdoor kitchen ideas and help to choose the most appropriate one.

Electric & Gas Fireplaces Installation – Modern Design at Your House

In order to ensure that fireplace meets your criteria, you should consider its key characteristics. And one of the most important points is a type of fuel which is burnt to get flame. Narrowing down available choices, we suggest the most popular ones: electricity and natural gas.

Electric via Gas

If we compare these kinds of fireplace, design will be almost identical, however there are properties which can meet your needs or might not be good enough for certain fireplace’ type. Therefore, it is important to lay out your priorities.

The principle options are as follows:

  • Gas fireplace provides constant heat. The flame is accurate without sparks, fumes and ashes, in addition it is energy saving.
  • Electric fireplace is extremely easy to use but it imitates flame only and not everyone fan of this. It is safe but not cost effective, consuming lots of electricity.

Regardless which type you choose, gas or electric, we can design and install any outdoor fireplace. Being aware of the pros and cons of both types, we know exactly how to make it to work in a perfect and safe way.

Our company will embody any fireplace ideas and provide you with custom design. Looking for electric fireplace in Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, or Markham? Contact us to get free consultation regarding what type of fireplace suits you better!

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