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Concrete is arguably the most widely used material in landscaping of residential properties, and not without some very valid reasons: its compressive strength, tensile strength and unit weight make it an optimal matter to work with when constructing sustainable exterior elements. Our company uses a variety of concrete types and grades in order to provide highly customizable constructions with characteristics adjustable to the individual needs of homeowners. Oaks Home Services work across the province of Ontario, providing professional concrete contractor aid at a highly competitive price. Start with booking our specialist to assess the works required, and we will offer you the most attractive price and the shortest terms for repairing or constructing your concrete driveway, sidewalk, steps or patio. Fixing up your outdoor space has never been more affordable!

Top Rated Concrete Contractors in Toronto, GTA

Oaks Home Services is here to fulfill your ideas, whether it is a concrete driveway, patio or steps. As deeply experienced concrete contractors, we use various types of material for different purposes.

There are many options available to our clients, because it is literally nothing we cannot do using concrete in Toronto, GTA. We offer both stamped and decorative materials for landscaping projects as well as for building stairways, patios, driveways, walkways, etc. Oaks Home Services is a top rated company that works with colored concrete – construction mixture made by adding synthetic and natural pigments in it.

Using concrete in your garden projects can have lots of benefits, which are as follows:

  • you can create an outdoor dining area that is easy to walk on, and there is not even a chance flooring gets slippery and unsafe for children;
  • you might want to decorate a concrete patio using flagstone, tiles, or whatever you want to make it feels as comfortable as being inside the house;
  • it is the most affordable and durable material to build a fire pit, outdoor kitchen or water feature in the backyard;
  • you can even create a multifunctional outdoor living space compatible with cabana (we can build it, too).

We build outdoor structures using top quality ready-mixed concrete. Oaks Home Services works with clients from all around GTA, including Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Etobicoke, King City, Caledon, etc. We offer affordable prices for concrete design and provide guarantee to our services, including installation and concrete repair.

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